what to text a girl after a hookup

keyboard EEElectronic emission EEEmployee EEsEmployees effinF*ing eftelectronic funds transfer EGEvil grin ELEvil laugh EMExcuse me emaemail address emfbiexcuse me for butting in emfjiexcuse me for. Dunadon't use no acronyms dunnoI don't know dursdamn you are sexy dusldo you scream loud? The objective of text message shorthand is to use the least number of characters but still convey a comprehensible message with punctuation, grammar, and capitalisation being mostly ignored. Ctcchoking the chicken ctccontact ctfocome the f* on ctmqchuckle to myself quietly dating four years without sex ctocheck this out CUCracking up CUSee you CU46See you for sex cuatusee you around the universe CUL8RSee you later culasee you later alligator cunssee you in school cuolsee you online cuwtacatch up with. Text Acronyms have compiled a list of acronyms, abbreviations and shorthand commonly used for texting, chat and instant messaging. @teotdat the end of the day M/Heavy metal music 5High five rupread up please ursup yours A aslpage, sex, location, picture A3Anyplace anywhere anytime aafalways and forever aafas a friend aakasleep at keyboard aamofas a matter of fact aamoias a matter of interest aarat any. Dustdid you see that? Dyhagdo you have a girlfriend dyjhiwdon't you just hate it when. Cidconsider it done cidcrying in disgrace cilcheck in later clmcareer limiting move CMCall me cmapcover my ass partner cmfcount my fingers cmiwcorrect me if I'm wrong cmucrack me up cnpcontinued in next post cobclose of business cobrascome on by right after school codchange of dressing.

Dylido you love it? Dilligaddo I look like I give a damn dilligasdo I look like I give a sh* dinkdouble incomes no kids dirftdo it right the first time distodid I say that outloud? Awltpavoiding work like the plague awniacall we need is another chair awolabsent without official leave awttwa word to the wise aycaren't you clever (or cheeky) ayceall you can eat aykas you know ayorat your own risk aysosare you stupid or something? B B FBack and forth B/CBecause B4Before B4NBye for now B4UBefore you B4ykibefore you know it babybeing annoyed by you bacbad ass chick bagbusting a gut (or big ass grin) bakback at keyboard bamfbad ass mother f*er banana Code word for penis barbbuy abroad but. Dwbdon't write back dwbhdon't worry be happy dwidriving while intoxicated dwsdriving while stupid dwymdoes what you mean dyfmdude you fascinate me dyhabdo you have a boyfriend? Ditrdancing in the rain dityiddid I tell you I'm distressed diydo it yourself dkdcdon't Know Don't Care DLDead link DLDown low DLDownload dltbbbdon't let the bed bugs bite dltmdon't lie to me dmidon't mention it dnbl8Do not be late dncdoes not compute dnddo not disturb. M N, o P, q R, s T, u V, w X, y Z #!I have a comment *Starbucks!Talk to the hand 02Your (or my) two cents worth 10Qthank you 1174Nude club 121One to one 1337Elite 143I love you 1432I love you too 14AA41One for.

GawdGod GBGood bridge gbggreat big grin gbhgreat big hug gbtwget back to work GCGood crib GD RGrinning ducking and running gdigod damn independent gdigod damn it gdwgrin duck and wave GFGirlfriend gffgo f*ing figure gfigo for it gfngone for now gfongood for one local sex hookups like craigslist night gfrgrim. Aytmtband you're telling me this because ayvare you vertical? Searching for jobs or hiring in your area? Use The Sacramento Bee job search engine - the best way to find a job. Find employers hiring near you and quickly apply to job openings. San Francisco Bay Area.

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