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such things in Delhi you will attract the wrong sort of attention. Here are some past gems: "Modern children are selfish in the extreme. I suspect our staff would be shocked if they went and saw how more traditional businesses worked: What do you mean there's no barista there?' "It really upsets me when people drift in at half past nine Drury admits. In 2012, she founded Chalkle, a social enterprise to share knowledge, using the online space to hook up teachers and prospective pupils for offline classes. Wilson - a Victoria University associate professor - still enjoys teaching his first-year students as much as ever.

There's no slide to shimmy down to your desk, and it looks like most modern offices. Be afraid to offer to help pay the bill. . Being an internationally successful tech startup, Drury's cloud accounting company Xero attracts many tech-savvy best hookup positions hipsters into their first job. So for me that was a bit of cultural change, to let that.". They do have a greater sense of entitlement, but that doesn't necessarily reflect growing narcissism because higher fees increase expectations. Even Chalkle's Wellington workspace screams do-gooders, the commuter bikes braced in beer crates outside the door.