washer and dryer hookup kit

duct onto the home's venting duct on the wall. Hand turn the 90-degree connector on the cold water hose to the cold connector on the back of the washer. Ask a friend to help with the appliance positioning if it is extremely heavy.

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Secure the drain hose to one of the water hoses entering the washer with a tie wrap. Additional costs: Any electrical or plumbing work typically requires a permit from the local building or planning department. Connect one inlet water hose kit onto each of the two faucets. Discover the LG SideKick, lG Product Service and Support, get your questions answered about product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues. This connection allows electricity to flow to both the washer and dryer for normal functioning. Run both the hot and cold water into the bucket grindr hookup gay sex to loosen any debris that may be in the faucet lines. Depending on location and the extent and type of work being done, this can be free or cost 25-150 or more. Keep your familys clothes looking, smelling and feeling great with the LG Ultimate Laundry Room featuring LG Styler. Any electrical wiring should be serviced by a professional. This is in 2016. LG Chatbot 24x7 Support with Chatbot!

Washer and dryer hookup kit
washer and dryer hookup kit

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