summer winter hookup

have children in the home. What could be causing the problem? Bathroom is on second floor close to the front of the house. Even if the boiler is not at 190 when you draw the hot water, it will still not be lower than 150. Thanks for your help.

July 2011 in Domestic Hot Water.
Just bought a home with an oil burner with a summer/winter hookup.
I am not familiar with that type of system.
The house does not have a separate hot water heater, so the oil furnace provides the hot water.

The hot water in my kitchen gets very, very hot. Reply With", 09:40 PM #2, with an oil burner, and any burner for that matter, the efficiency is greatest when the system experiences long run times. So the distance between furnace to bath and furnace to kitchen is almost the same.

I understand that when I turn my thermostat on to heat my house in the winter this temperature differential doesn't matter. I keep mine at thirty until its gets in to the single digits, which it rarely does around here anymore. Problem, Winter, in the shower water gets cold then hot not steady temp. OK, what to do? So even with peak demands, the water coming out of the coil will be slightly hotter before you mix it with that little bit of cold from the bypass. This will help in two ways. Severe injury can result from water this hot. But try 20 first and see if you don't get some improvement. Sounds like minor problem. The hot water in my shower and bathroom faucet does not get very hot.