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after six weeks. Witnesses later told police they had seen a "smiling stranger" lurking outside Nisbet's apartment building the day of her murder. Deceased Other possible victims edit Date Victim Age Location Notes Survives Ref. Deceased June 24, 1926 Ollie Russell 53 Santa Barbara, California Strangled and raped after death. After committing various minor offenses in early adulthood, he was institutionalized.

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Some sources alternately spell the victim's surname "Beal." Some source alternately spell her surname "Meyers." References edit " Nelson Identified as Man Who Killed Buffalo Woman". Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press. 12 However, Nelson made the mistake of trying to catch the same train that was transporting members of the Winnipeg police, and was recaptured twelve hours after his initial escape. February 20, 1926 Clara Newman 60 San Francisco, California Strangled by Nelson while showing him a room in her boardinghouse. And Canadian law enforcement agencies to elicit confessions, Nelson refused to admit to any of the murders of which he was suspected or accused. Articles of clothing from husband's wardrobe also missing. Closing statements in Nelson 's trial were completed on November 5, 1927. In 1918, Nelson was committed to the Napa State Mental Hospital after behaving oddly and erratically during one of his brief stints in the.S. Beata Withers." The Eugene Guard. Mathers, chief of the psychiatric ward and Winnipeg General Hospital, on five separate occasions between July 27 and October 24, 1927. Around the age of ten, he collided with a streetcar while riding his bicycle and remained unconscious for six days.

Others who claimed to have seen Nelson at the various boardinghouses described him to police as a dark and stocky man with "long arms and large hands." 12 Because of this, newspapers began referring to him as the "Dark Strangler the "Gorilla Man or "Gorilla. The woman later told reporters that, though she hadn't felt threatened initially, she realized in retrospect that the man had peculiarly commented on the home's intricate details, particularly the ceilings: "I realize now that he was trying to get me to look up towards the. Both of his parents died of syphilis before he reached the age of two.