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flat screen TV with a VHF connector? Depending on your current channel, you may already be receiving broadcasts from local stations. For example: I have a VGA to RCA female/s-video, to RCA male and RCA male, to scart with RCA female and s-video? Org/Address to see a map of nearby broadcast stations. First, check to make sure your TV can support VHF. As long as you program each. If your laptop's output port is the same kind as your TV's input port, get a cable with the same kind of connector on each end.

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You can also get an adapter cable to local sex addicts connect your computer's USB port to your TV's hdmi port if your laptop has no hdmi port. Since your screen is damaged, you may be able to press Windows P and then tab to the desired choice. I have Windows 7, do I just press "Windows key P" to have it switch to the external monitor (in my case, TV)? Try tabbing once to move the selection from Computer Only to Duplicate or two more times to Projector Only. Nearly all modern aerials will work. The new ones can be baffling, if only because many do the same things as the old connectors.

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tv hookup

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