direct tv hookup to surround sound

But it seems like the cable box is posing a problem with this. Plug in any other devices you might want to use into bi sex couple dating the back of the receiver such as a DVD player. Connect your subwoofer into the back of the receiver using your subwoofer cables.

All is good except for connecting it to my Samsung surround sound system.
I currently have it hooked.
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This will allow you to shut off power to your subwoofer by simply shutting off the receiver. Silver Coins - American Silver Eagle International Silver Coins USA Gold Eagle coin Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coin South African Gold Krugerrand coin What you should know about jewelry How to hookup speakers to your TV or computer Bluray Players, internet-enabled, Netflix movie streaming Cable. Use only one when you connect your HTS to your. Otherwise, use the standard Video In and Out jacks. O Five to seven loudspeakers o One subwoofer o Two hdmi cables o Speaker wire directv HD DVR satellite receiver Receiver set-top-box jacks explanation: 1) OFF-AIR IN Connect an atsc VHF/UHF antenna to the directv Plus HD DVR using this jack. Also on the satellite receiver, go into menu, settings, audio, dolby digital and set dolby digital. A diagram illustrating the three kinds of video connections is below. Major metro areas can get local TV channels from DirecTV without using an over-the-air antenna. Connect this side into the red speaker connector.