cpa adult dating pop traffic

They have very strict rules and are not affiliate friendly at all. Self-Serve: Yes Minimum Spend: 1-5-40(CPM-CPC-CPI) Minimum CPC:.01 Facebook Ads: Sign Up Facebook Tracking Tokens Note: Facebook is super competitive just like Adwords so the prices can be steep. The base price is also quite cheap. Since there so many variables which can be used for optimization, so most of newbies find it hard to master the traffic source in short span of time and with limited budget. PimpRoll PimpRoll is an industry-leading, affiliate performance network.

Cpa adult dating pop traffic
cpa adult dating pop traffic

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Without traffic, its like sailing a boat without water. They also provide good number of dynamic tracking tokens for proper tracking and optimization of campaign. Self-served ads only allows to advertise sponsored headline while managed ads allows you to advertise through banner, mobile and video ads. Self-Serve: Yes Minimum Spend: Nil Minimum CPV:.10 StumbleUpon Ads: Sign Up Note: Stumbleupon traffic quality isnt that great and has high bounce rate. We have been generating online leads for over harbor drive hookup 10 years and have won many awards for our innovative platforms and projects. Self-Serve: Yes Minimum Spend: 1-5 Minimum CPC:.01 Pinterest Ads: Sign Up Note: Since most of the users are female, so business/products targeting women does well on Pinterest. No wonder why the ad spend on social media paid traffic is skyrocketing every year. Advertisement formats for Ads supported are displays ads, Overlay ads, Skippable Non-skippable video ads, banner ads and sponsored card. Here are the lists of networks for media buying: Matomy Conversant (formerly known as ValueClick) CBS Interactive RhythmOne (formerly known as Burst Media) m Exponential (formerly known as Tribal Fusion) Vibrant Media Rocket Fuel Sovrn Excel Spreadsheet For Tracking Optimizing CPM Campaigns Download Adult Traffic. They only offer Pop up traffic no display banner. Adcash is more focused on gaming and entertainment traffic, so offers on those niches perform very well. Recently Buzzcity has migrated all their adult publishers to Reporo network so that means they wont have any adult from now onwards.

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