bbm hookup

getting fucked in the ass at the same time. YiffAny kind of affection or physical contact between 'furry' sex ads in Las Vegas guys. GlansThe tip, or head, of the penis. Down LowA term that refers to the practice, generally within the black male community, of having sex with men in secret while otherwise living a typically straight life. Trans fag an FtM who's into guys. ClapRefers to the sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea.

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BehrMen with facial hair and a muscular/stocky build, but with little or no body hair. Masochist, MasochismThe sexual enjoyment of pain, torture, abuse etc. Hwpheight and weight proportionate. Autoerotic AsphyxiationThe practice of limiting your oxygen supply while masturbating to achieve a more intense orgasm before you pass out. Sexual play involving pain and/or torture for pleasure. StatsStatistics comprised of age, weight, cock size, eye colour, etc. FingerDigital stimulation, to fuck someone's ass with your fingers. Cum SlutA guy who loves to drink large amounts of ejaculate. Single Hot Moms, looking for a, late Night Hookup. FurryA guy who has a lot of body hair or who enjoys dressing up/envisioning himself as an animal while having sex. Milking Jerking/fucking a guy until he squirts every last drop of cum, can include the forced ejaculation caused by stimulating the prostate. Doggie StyleFucking from behind, one partner is generally on all fours with his ass in the air, the other partner mounts him from behind.

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