rpod electrical hookup

in rubber tape then covered in Heatshrink. It turned out as nicely as I could have wanted, and looks like the bumper was designed to hold the connector. While it would have been better if Ford had provided a connector for the brake controller, this kit works. I did resolve all of local sex Darwin these problems, but it took the better part of 7 hours. Everything worked out because the extra wire I had was long enough to reach under the dash and I grounded using the factory post and nut on the battery. One thing I wish the kit came with was the rubber grommet used to protect the wires once you drill through the fire wall and a small tube of Di-electric grease.

The most difficult job is getting the wiring into the vehicle, at least it was for. I ran the 10 ga wire on the inside of the vehicle due to the corrosion that does happen. The wires supplied by etrailer is long enough for this installation. The next day I removed the instrument panel lower trim and the air duct and begin to look for the wiring harness and the grommet in the left side of the firewall to rout the wireing into the cab. All parts adult dating in Plano fit and function nicely, with clean location and fitment of components.