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out the left-hand side of our equation a little more. . Mod Difficulty: Hunter Digital Thermostat With A/C Switch. The battery self-manages, and has thus far self-maintained. . One product on the market that helps condition batteries is the Battery Minder available online at m or from your local dealer. Way more fun than crawling around your rig with a multimeter. . Don't have a gravatar?

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To do this, youll need a way to measure current, both AC and DC, and a lot of patience. . The Load Side of the Equation Now that weve got a decent idea of how much energy we can expect to come in from an RV solar energy system, lets turn to how much energy will be going OUT. . If thats YOU, click the I Did This Mod! Here are the typical amp hours for batteries at a 25 amp draw: Group 24: 140 minutes, group 27: 175 minutes, this means you only have about.5 hours of usage drawing 25 amps on a Group 24, or just about 3 hours. In other words does it do you much good to have 100 full batteries with 0 fresh water? A stock RV converter may be able to deliver 40 amps of charging to your batteries, and a high-end inverter/charger like ours is self-limited to charge at 100 amps. This is more for engine-starting use, where the engine may be off but lights and accessories left.